Trish Campbell

alpha, beta, gamma...

25th May - 27th June 2015

Pierre Peeters Gallery // Vero


alpha, beta, gamma…

25th May - 27th June 2015


“My art making is an honest reflection of my own inner voice, which I would rather follow than any critical text”


Trish Campbell the artist behind alpha, beta, gamma... shares an approach to art making with the Californian light and space artists of the 1960s. Who pushed the boundaries of art to encompass the quotidian in neon and plastic – Campbell’s work is a continuation of this idea.

The art is a retinal feast, a flourish of colours bleeding into one another inviting the viewer to make any number of metaphorical associations. The art historical category of the Sublime is an immediate one to my mind but each viewer will have their own interpretation. One could even argue that if Auckland is in the grip of a housing bubble what better to represent it than glittering towers full of nothing but light and air?

 The artist’s working method consists of experimenting directly with the materials at hand, guided solely by her intuitive grasp of their possibilities. Her choice of colour is guided by her interest in theatre and film lighting and her epic sense of drama speaks to her love of the work of the artist Olafur Eliasson, a creator of huge installations which reference the Sublime. The daily artistic struggle with the complexities of hard plastic and electric current is evident in the high voltage outcome...these light boxes are the product of years of patient, dogged exploration into her chosen materials.

Campbell sees herself primarily as a  “maker”, someone who carries out her research within the workshop rather than the library or digitally. alpha, beta, gamma…  is no exception to this; evolving and developing as it did over several months trial and experimentation.

The artists commitment to her craft is a rare attribute, she pursues an exploration into materiality and a fitting tribute to her father- a gifted tradesperson-and her mother- a talented seamstress- in whose footsteps she is proud to follow. In alpha, beta gamma… Trish has delivered on her desire to make something beautiful and more... eight radiant vessels crafted for our pleasure.

Written by Ross Forbes, 2015