Masters of Contemporary Fine Art Book - Volume I


Mark Cross has inclusion in this virtual art book.                                                                        Masters of Contemporary Fine Art Book - Volume I

A publication of International Contemporary Fine Art whose main purpose is to promote and recognize Contemporary Artists of high quality from all over the globe.

High quality print with 230 art gloss pages of 150g bounded by a hard cover. 69 Stunning Artists from 40 different countries with around 500 amazing artworks.

“Masters of Contemporary Fine Art” is the first edition of an annual publication dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of high quality Contemporary Art. Painting, Sculpture, Drawing and Digital Art are the categories that we have chosen to publish in this art book. The vast range of expressive techniques and also the different styles in each category add value, depict fascinating rhythm and captivate diversity. The book is also a powerful tool for research, consultation or study for Artists, Collectors, Galleries, Art Dealers and Art Lovers.

The book is also available in hard copy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Powell's.

Review by Ken Freeman on March 25, 2016 

A truly magnificent compilation of contemporary Fine Art masters. A testimony to the current rebirth of true craft and creativity in the painting field today, displaying a wide range of visual styles, all founded on solid academic knowledge, knowledge that has been despised and neglected for so long in the 20th century, in most of the world's Fine Arts schools. It is time for Art galleries and museums to honor and recognize genuine Art again, Art not based on shock or controversy value or phony intellectual speculation, but on real talent, honed and perfected for years, leading to true beauty and an honest reflection on our human nature. Highly recommended.