Anya Whitlock in DIRTY LAUNDRY - Exhibition at THE IVY BOX - Queenstown

An exhibition of raw truth, emotion and secrets.

In October, The Ivy Box gallery asked the public to that monkey off their back, to peel back the layers and reveal what’s inside. Boxes and postcards were distributed around the country, hosted by friends, cafes, galleries, museums and tattoo parlours. Anyone could share their ‘dirty laundry’, secrets, emotions and truths anonymously on the postcards and put them into the boxes. 

Experts at conveying human truth and emotion visually, The Ivy Box featured artists have created original art pieces informed and inspired by the secrets. The result is an unconventional and unusual exhibition of artworks in different styles and mediums, each conveying a different facet of what it means to be human. 

Visit if you're in the area, exhibition runs through the festive season.