Gareth Price's work is included in an exciting new international art publication

We are pleased to congratulate Gareth Price on his inclusion in a fantastic new art publication, The Garden of Fernal Delights, a Dreams & Divinities project for 2015 - 2016. 

If anybody is potentially interested in purchasing this beautiful visionary art book from Canada, please email here, we can order you one at a special price. 

The artists are phenomenal including Alex Grey, Zdzislaw Bekinski and Bill Hammond. It is a hardback 245 pages, and in the words of Gareth Price, "It will basically keep you interested for the rest of you life"  :) 

Dreams & Divinities creates artist collaborations around a book theme and then exhibits a selection of the work. From the fertile and Fernal imagination of the artist Gromyko Semper, the Fernal universe was born. The ongoing collaborative creation and documentation of a Garden of Fernal Delights is a collaborative venture and will be the 2015 - 2016 Dreams & Divinity Project. 

The Encyclopædia Of Fernal Affairs Cataloguing the Garden of Fernal Delights Full colour 245 page hardback book available for shipping in June 2015 Design and Produced: Liba W Stambollion Curated by: Liba WS and Gromyko Semper Written by Liba WS and Bruce Rimell, Artwork and writing from 114 artists Edited by: Delvin Solkinson and Liba WS Printed by Dreams & Divinities.