Alvin Xiong Lights Up Remuera

Alivn Xiong's work Life Is Like Summer Flowers (2015) is now on permanent display in Remuera. We're thrilled for Alvin and also pleased for Aucklanders who are now able to see the spectacular sights of summer all year round.  

Inspired by Tagore who wrote "Let life be like beautiful summer flowers and death like autumn leaves." Likening the feeling of being in love with a beautiful, bright and open flower, Xiong uses LED lights to represent his personal love story. The sensuous curves in his work, with reference to Mondrian's views are expressions of emotion. The work in Remuera is shining and 'alive', so the feeling of love is still present. Little by little, one day, the light will not shine. It means the feeling of this love story is gone but at the same time, the artwork is complete, now fixed and becomes a love memento. Do make sure to see this special work. 

Alvin with his work  Life is Like Summer Flowers  (2015)

Alvin with his work Life is Like Summer Flowers (2015)