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By T.J. McNamara

2:06 PM Saturday Sep 13, 2014 2 comments

The Greenbox Agreement

The Greenbox Agreement

The Greenbox Agreement by Gareth Price.

The paintings by Gareth Price at Pierre Peeters Gallery are filled with obscure references to religion and philosophy. These are popular images. The artist was People's Choice winner in the 2012 Wallace Awards. The show is called Acatalepsy and the work is a variety of surrealism. It has the closely worked fine detail of magic realism but lacks the dreamlike feeling that is true surrealism. It is really a series of apocalyptic visions. Melodramatic visions of rolling clouds of red bolts of lightning dominate the sky over foreboding landscapes, with curious towers, a tsunami-stranded ship, peacocks, a centaur with a suitcase and Egyptian gods, all excellently drawn and painted and spectacular but not adding up to any coherent theme.




At the galleries

What: Kingfisher Blue/Kikorangi Kotare by Star Gossage
Where and when: Tim Melville Gallery, 11 McColl St, Newmarket, to September 27
TJ says: Moody, symbolic images of Maori women and northern landscapes which are earthy and touching.

What: Pelt by Lisa Reihana
Where and when: Allpress Gallery, 8 Blake St, Freemans Bay, to September 27
TJ says: Large staged photographs of Snow Queens, whose sterile whiteness is contrasted with intense black hair and fur, mix modernity and myth.

What: Acatalepsy by Gareth Price
Where and when: Pierre Peeters Gallery, 251 Parnell Rd, Parnell, to September 28
TJ says: Strange objects and people exist in strange landscapes under skies wracked with eruption and storm.