Lorie Dugardyn

The artist represents her feeling about what Auckland is evocative of. Travelling on her own to discover the movement of the city and the unknown, in a manner like that of the Situationist International's, (1950 - 60's), and their theory of the dérive: an experimental mode of behaviour which is linked to the conditions of urban society and believes in the potential of drifting through a city as a means of identifying oneself more closely with a sense of personal and political liberty. It can be revolutionary to move through urban spaces, taking notes as ones drifts through the city.

Reflections, created by the sun, offer amazing colours and surprising compositions. The pictures are not reworked on software, and change according to the time of the day, the situation and the weather. The picture taken is unique and can never be revisited.  « Diffused Realities » : real life in a mirage !  

Professional Experience

Working mainly on Urban Landscape. Exploring other sectors : portraits and weddings

2013 : Exhibition, « Poetic Insdustry », Angresse, France

2012 : Publication on a property magasin : « Hossegor Immobilier »

2011 : Responsible for the communication of a Sushi Restaurant : «  O Quay Bar », Capbreton, France


2008: Lycée Hôtelier et de Tourisme de Biarritz: Higher Diploma in Tourism

2005: Lycée René Cassin de Bayonne: Baccalaureate in literature