"Like any creative cook, Hannah gathers the ingredients for her work from the all consumable supermarche Countdown. In her studio she whips up a comfort storm of favorite go-to’s with a bit of Danish spice, a receipt here, a trolley there…. And Vola! A beautifully prepared consumer lounge, full of showroom must-haves for any lover of the working mans extended pantry, and all that it entails."

                                                                        AM Ralfini, for Who Arted 95bfm. 20/08/2015


Hannah Andersen completed her BA/BFA (Hons) from UoA Elam school of Fine Arts in 2014.

Andersen's design sensibility and practice is influenced by her Danish heritage. She lives and works in Auckland. Her installations have been described as provocative as she playfully blends the visual language of food, globalisation and seductive consumerism. 

Through an extended sculptural practice, Andersen subverts conventional art production and sale, bridging the gap between capitalism and art. The outcomes are an “Art Product”, a regurgitation of the aesthetics of consumerism, utilised both as subject matter and means of sculptural production.


Exhibitions at Pierre Peeters Gallery

Food for Thought