FishMilk (borders) 

Stjohn Milgrew, Golden Gate, 830 x 575mm, 2015.

An exhibition bridging the borders that we set up between each other as individuals as well as nations - across North, South, East and Western.

In the midst of the Syrian refugee crisis and the migrant workers influx, this exhibition is about current political events (police violence, TPPA, boat people) and then the contrast to our privileged, often shallow position, on this ‘safe’ side of the world.

The meeting and dividing - it is about what we have in common across cultures and what are the differences and what are our deeper questions of being, our values for the future.

We have all come from the same place and it is our cultural differences that make us unique. Our individual culture reminds us of our past so we can move into the future with knowledge. The system breaks down when man is too afraid to embrace anything new, fear of the ‘other’, this comes from unfamiliarity, ignorance, false stereotypes, and is engrained from a young age unless exposed to cultural diversity.

It is through knowledge, understanding, acceptance and compassion…        

Claire Ulenberg


Hannah Andersen  :: Jarad Bryant  :: Jamie Chapman  ::  Nick Coldicutt :: Grant Hanna ::  Brendan Kitto  :: Stjohn Milgrew  :: Brydee Rood  :: Philip Tse  :: Anya Whitlock  :: Alvin Xiong

Brydee Rood, Wind Drawing Sunday, 10.11.2013 14:06, (still), Original HD video loop [duration 15:54] Site specific drawing with wind, vintage silk sarees and rotary washing line.