Brendan Kitto & Stjohn Milgrew 

Us and Them

07:06:2016 - 10:07:2016

A focus on discarded and forgotten human elements, seen through the instant analog formats of old expired Polaroid film stock vs. the new breed of Impossible instant film stock.

Stjohn Milgrew’s photographs are shot on expired Polaroid film stock, while Brendan Kitto’s photographs are shot on the new breed of Impossible instant films.

Today with the photographic industries desire to replicate the colour effects and tonal qualities of the original Polaroid instamatic camera/film, (popularised in 1960’s by the invention of the Polaroid Swinger), the first affordable instant camera, and made a household name in the 1965 catchy advertisement with Barry Manilow singing meet the swinger… The Polaroid Swinger.                                                                                                                        

There has been a rapid rate of change, which the artists here are capturing, the developments of both a new and a nostalgic time of experimentation.