Born 1950, Baye began working with clay in Christchurch in 1974. 

He currently resides in his tribal area on the East Coast, Tokomaru Bay and Gisborne where he has been working since 1979.

Baye prefers to use local clay dug from his family land - this evokes a respect for the material and a sense of connection with my tipuna. He doesn’t use glazes on many of his works – he works hard to obtain his clay and wishes to let it speak for itself. 

In his work Baye explores Christian and Maori themes and the links between them. For Baye, the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ is an expression of Christian belief in Christ’s victory over death. He sees a parallel between this belief and the story in Maori mythology of Maui’s quest for immortality. Gateways are also a central theme in his work, with their symbolic meanings of challenge, decision, and the unknown.


Exhibitions at Pierre Peeters Gallery:

Mauri: Essence

Into the Mystic