Baye Riddell

Born 1950, Tokomaru Bay. Baye began his vocation as a ceramicist in 1973. He won a Fullbright scholarship in 1989 and travelled to the USA with colleague Manos Nathon, this visit resulted in ongoing international networks, exchange visits and exhibitions with native American artists and ceramicists. He is co-founder of the group Kai Hanga Uku, Maori Ceramic artists and continues to spread the gospel through his work according to the principles of Christianity and Maoritanga. "Mine is a simple clay - rugged and spiritual. My clay I dig from a swamp on ancestral family land and is prepared with care and respect."

"I dig my clay from family land on the East Coast. Eachpiece is won from the clay and the fire - woodfiring produces subtle nuances in the colour, and is an immediate process also tied to the land. The clay has taken me on a journey over the last 30 years that has been very satisfying and rewarding, taking me to many parts of the world and meeting wonderful people."