Anya Whitlock is an inventive and surprising artist who has exhibited since 2001 in both solo and group shows before and after graduating from Elam with a Bachelor in Fine Arts. Her work is held in collections throughout the world.

I am a psychoanalytic hunter in developing and constructing my work. Moving within the spaces of the human psyche that are uncertain and elusive.

I draw from the micro and macrocosmic experience, utilizing memory as well as future conceptualizing to create paintings that push the view I currently inhibit into new paradigms; simultaneously encouraging others to do the same.

She has worked extensively in the Art department of films both in Vancouver and NZ- Narnia, Mr. Pip and Spartacus. She also did the Production design on kiwi favourite 'Housebound'.

My images are constructed in a cinematic way and much of my work in the Art department of Films is intertwined in the process and final ‘still’ of the painted surface. 


Exhibitions at Pierre Peeters Gallery:

Fabric Phantoms 1

Into The Mystic


mixed media / textile, 

500 x 600 x 300(d)mm, 2014