Anya Whitlock

Whitlock has travelled extensively and  draws on these experiences for her Art practice. The presence and mystery of mummies and tombs explored in Egypt, the stunning gamut of colour and life in the textiles of India and Morocco and the geometry and depth of Islamic architecture in Syria, Israel and Spain are woven into the fabric of her style.

More recently Whitlock has been working on her first series of sculptures. She creates the mould of the human form, sculpts and then binds and weaves them with fabrics and into being. Whitlock's sculptures explore our psychological states. Composed of soft and hard textiles which are layered and woven together in much the same way as an individual weaves their way through environments, memory, reaction, sensation, feeling and volition. Qualities so different yet the summation of which is the 'Technicolor motion master' of lived experience.

The focus of my work has always been the human form, and the relationship between our physicality, attention and environment. Through my practice, I have explored inner psychological states and externally perceived realities. For me creating often springs from the uncomfortable interweaving that is the very edge of how internal and external aspects of experience relate to one another.

Whitlock is also the recipient of numerous awards including the Elam School of Fine Arts, Luke Nola Design Prize 2004, and was a finalist in the Wallace Art Awards, 2009&2014.